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MNR - Multivariable nonlinear regression

MNR is a new multi variable nonlinear regression algorithm which guarantees minimum average absolute error. This algorithm is a property of  Excel4Engineers.com

Do you have a data sets which you like to get nonlinear multivariable equation for? Don’t worry,  Excel4Engineers.com will run MNR( Multivariable Nonlinear Regression) algorithm and provide you with the most accurate multivariable nonlinear equation at all. MNR equation will the best collection of polynomial, algorithmic, power, exponential amounts to get best match with your data sets.

How it works?

 Excel4Engineers.com will perform MNR in two steps

 Step1: Generating the data report.

Upload you data sets in excel format at which,

 Excel4Engineers.com will send you data report within 48 hours in .xlsx file which includes the numerical results based on the equation resulted from MNR. You will receive the numerical data only at this step. The equation will be sent during step2.This is an example for the data report.

Step1 costs only $2 as serious proof. If you are satisfied with the numerical results at the data report, we can move to step 2.

 Step2: Receiving MNR equation.

If you are satisfied with the numerical results at the data report you can get MNR equation with reasonable cost based on the number of cells on your excel file. The cost will be $25 for 500 cell or below and $35 for higher number of cells but less than 50000 cell. This is an example for final data report including MNR equation.

Don't hesitate to contact us any time info@excel4engineers.com    

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