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Excel Double Interpolation Function

A double interpolation is a simple method for estimating values between a set of known data points. If the data involves only a single independent variable, simple linear interpolation is sufficient. When the data involves two independent variables (that is, the data is two-dimensional), you must use double interpolation.



For the free version:     =freedoubleinterpolate(X1,X2, Data Set)
For the paid version:     =doubleinterpolate(X1,X2, Data Set)
              X1 : is the first variable.
               X2 : is the second variable.

Double Interpolation Function:

•  Easy to be install.
•  Easy to Use.
•  Drag gable.
•  Two dimension data set.
•  Applicable for any Excel File.

Download Double Interpolation Free Version

Or buy the paid version
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