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is a method of constructing new data points within the range of a discrete set of known data points.


The above table includes different values of function Y at discrete values of X. The function Y= 2095.9 at X= 10 and 2726.8 at X= 20. To find the value of Y function at X= 15 which isn't found at the table, we should use interpolation function.

Unfortunately, Excel doesn't include an interpolation function which can be used directly and dragged like average, minimum and maximum functions. But Excel4Engineers.com always has the solution, Excel4Engineers.com provides new function which can be uploaded to Excel as Add Ins.This Excel interpolation function can be used and dragged normally as any Excel function.

You can use either our free or paid interpolation function. Also, we will provide you with help file includes instructions about using and uploading these functions.

Free Version Paid version
Cost Free$15
Formula= freeinterpolate(X value , Range
of the set of known data points.
= interpolate(X value , Range
of the set of known data points.
The Function will befreeinterpolate(15,A2:B10)interpolate(15,A2:B10)
The Result will be"2411.368 ,to display it as a number visit
Output ResultText formatNumerical value
Help Files-For Excel 2003
-For Excel 2007
-For Excel 2010
-For Excel 2003
-For Excel 2007
-For Excel 2010
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The following video indicates how to use this function.

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