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Data Collector
Excel Interpolation Function
Double Interpolation Function
MNR - Multivariable nonlinear regression
Doc Generator
HTML Table Scraper
Get Your Own Macro
Water Vapor Pressure Function

Who should use our Products?

The person who uses our products should:

1. know MSExcel principles.
2. Agree with these Terms and Conditions.
3. Already uses our free product and satisfied with it.

Product delivery:

All of our service and products will be received by mail during 1-7 working days(usually 2days) after the price has been paid.This mail will be sent to the customer mail(Customer have to write his own mail during payment). This mail will be sent from any of Excel4Engineers mails or it's partners .This mail will be sent once time.

Privacy Policy:

All of our users / customers data will be used in Excel4Engineers only.Please refer to our partners sites to get tier privacy policies: http://www.ecwid.com and https://www.2checkout.com.

Refund and pay back policy:

As the customer will pretest our product by using the free functions and there is no great different between them, the customer should be satisfied with our product.

Accordingly, The only situation for money pay back is "Our customer didn't receive our product mail during 7 working days".


For your safety, Excel4enginers selected the best way for orders processing via http://www.ecwid.com and https://www.2checkout.com

Don't hesitate to contact us info@excel4engineers.com